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Happy, Playful Dogs Enjoying Our Dog Day Care

About Four Paws' Doggie Day Camp & Boarding

Charlotte, NC

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Trusted Care for Your Pooch

Leslie Hawkins, Four Paws Dog Retreat & Doggie Day Care Owner

Leslie Hawkins (With Daughter, Leah)


I am the owner of Four Paws Dog Retreat. I have had a passion for dogs from a very early age, but out of college I followed my computer science degree and took a job with a major international software company. However I left my first career to stay home with and raise my children, so when it was time to rejoin the workforce 17 years later, I knew I wanted something different than before. My love for dogs led me to Four Paws, where I quickly moved into the General Manager position. In GM capacity, I grew the business exponentially, doubling the daycare business and increasing the boarding business year-round. When the opportunity arose, I was able to purchase the business from its original owners, fulfilling my dream of business ownership!

Amy Schooler, Kennel Manager for Our Dog Day Care

Amy Schooler

Offiice Manager

I have been at Four Paws Dog Retreat since 2016. I am a native Texan but, I call South Carolina home now. I have been an animal lover since I was a kid, and have worked in animal care for over 20 years. My original background is in veterinary medicine but, I found myself wanting to spend more time with dogs. I started doing work with animal rescue and fell in love with animal care, that’s what brought me to Four Paws. I have two crazy fur baby huskies “Khaleesi “ and “Ragu” aka “Goo”. What can I say, I live the “dog life” and I love it!


Christina Davis

Operations Manager

Coming soon!

Miranda Hansen, Daycare Attendant for Our Pet Sitting Service

Miranda Hansen (With Daughter Olivia)

Daycare Attendant

I am originally from Toledo, Ohio (Frog Town USA). My husband and I moved down here to escape the arctic weather and fell in love with the city of Charlotte and all it has to offer. Before working at Four Paws Dog Retreat, I was in hotel management at a pet-friendly chain. I enjoyed checking the dogs in more than the people. This is where my love for dogs began. As a child, I always wanted a dog but was never given the chance. My husband and I got our first fur baby, a Goldendoodle named Onyx, in 2013, and in 2014 I was blessed to be offered the job here at Four Paws. I love coming to work, I feel truly lucky every day! In 2017, Olivia (my daughter) arrived and she enjoys coming to “mommy’s work” too for visits. Genuinely I love this place, the dogs, the clients, absolutely everything! Couldn’t be more thankful!!

Tracey Funderburk, Daycare Attendant for Our Dog Sitting Service

Tracey Funderburk

Daycare Attendant

I've been working with Four Paws Dog Retreat since 2008. During this time, I have enjoyed caring for your furry babies and learning all their unique personalities. I am happy to be part of the Four Paws Family as we have the most loyal clients and the best canines I have ever worked with.

Brian Mitchell, Daycare Attendant for Our Dog Boarding Kennel

Brian Mitchell

Daycare Attendant

I was born in Orlando and spent the first 34 years of my life living there and in other surrounding areas. Upon moving to Charlotte in late 2014 I started my adventure working with dogs at a facility in the Uptown area. What brought me to 4 Paws was being gifted the chance to adopt a 6-year-old female Boxer from a client. Upon my first visit to 4 Paws, I saw something special and wanted to be part of it. I made the necessary maneuvers for a job change and started my life at 4 Paws in June 2016.

Leah Hawkins, Daycare Attendant for Our Dog Care Facility

Leah Hawkins (With Mom, Leslie)

Daycare Attendant

I’m 21 years old and Leslie’s daughter. We have four dogs of our own so it was natural for me to want to work with puppies and dogs of all sizes. After I graduated from high school, I wasn’t sure what I wanted to study in college, so I decided to work instead until I sorted it out. I had worked part-time at Four Paws off and on in the past, so it made sense to find work there full-time.

Kristen Huggins, Daycare Attendant & Facility Cleaner for Our Doggy Day Camp

Kristen Huggins

Daycare Attendant/Facility Cleaner

I've been here at 4 Paws for about a year now and I still can't carry on a conversation outside of work without bringing up the furbabies. I started out here as just the cleaner but soon got the privilege of interacting with the four-leggers a whole lot more. My partner and I have five of our own, so I definitely understand how amazing these fur- babies are. I know it's supposed to be a job but it's more than just that. It's actually fulfilling coming to work to see so many wagging tails and excited faces.

Sarah Scott, Daycare Attendant for Our Dog Watchers

Sarah Scott

Daycare Attendant

I’ve always deeply cared about animals and grew up with pets of my own including a dog, fish, and a hamster. In 2018, I became vegetarian because I felt that I could not fully show my support and love of animals when I was still eating them. I am in the process of converting to a vegan lifestyle.  


For years I’ve wanted to work with animals but never really pursued any opportunities until recently. I moved to Charlotte on an impulse in March 2021. I applied to work at Four Paws Dog Retreat in June and was thrilled to receive the position in July. I absolutely love working here! Every dog is so wonderful and they all have their own personalities. I have two dogs of my own and they both love coming to daycare to play! I feel like I have one of the best jobs in the world because I get to take care of such amazing dogs. I truly enjoy spending time with them! In my free time, I like to travel, listen to true crime podcasts, cook, and take my dogs to the park. 

Alison Tester, Dog Vaccination Specialist

Alison Tester

Vaccination Specialist

After living my dream in New York City, I decided it was time to come back to my Southern roots. I was blessed to have a job to come to at Four Paws. I have always loved dogs and had several black labs of my own. After 2 years back here working in the yards with the dogs, I bought a house in Salisbury, a quaint town that I love. But the commute became too much. After talking with Leslie, we decided that I would work exclusively on keeping vaccination records up to date.  The dogs’ safety is our utmost priority. I love my job. I’ve been at Four Paws for almost 5 years now, and they have been some of the most enjoyable years of my life.

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